Saturday, April 20, 2013

In trouble..........sort of

Ashley received the viola sheet music for Lord of the Rings in her Easter basket.  She has recently read the Hobbit for school and has been an almost obsessive Tolkien geek for the last little while.  Yes, we are a little proud.  Since receiving said music, she practices more than her minimum daily half hour with little or no prodding.  Easter Monday, she spent an hour playing and listening to the accompanying demo cd. 

The only downside is that she has spent very little of her practice time in the 2 weeks since practicing her Chamber Orchestra music or her music for her lessons.  This past Tuesday, her instructor got after her a bit and invoked the concept of eating your vegetables first and then having as much dessert as you want.  So yesterday she practiced what she had to first and then opened Lord of the Rings.  She practiced 45 minutes.  I recorded her playing In Dreams from the Fellowship of the Ring.  I threw her off recording her and there are a few oops in this, but I don't care, I'm posting anyhow.  If anyone wants to know why more often than not I have the score from the Lord of the Rings movies in my head, this is why.


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Not Bad Dora -- Grandpa Norman